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Energetic Revolution

We are a team of young people who believe in a more energy-efficient future. We have gathered our skills to develop sustainable solutions which improve the energy consumption of citizens. Our project is in line with the energetic transition that our planet must embody.

In this perspective, we have built up our solutions : SLS Cloud and Themo thermostat. They are to be a part of this new IoT era and shape smart homes and intelligent cities.

Our mission is to spread the word over the next changes in energy consumption and consumers’ behavior about smart grid emergence in our societies.

Our Solution SLS Cloud

We have created the SLS Cloud, which optimizes energy consumption of customers. The platform collects data of electricity prices of every hour, combined with weather forecasts, inside temperatures and thermostat consumption.

Integrated with a machine learning system, it analyzes the different data sent by the thermostats and optimizes your energy consumption. The SLS cloud knows when is the best hour to consume in order to save energy cost and CO2 emissions.

SLS cloud solution determines the optimum point in terms of energy-efficiency and consumer’s comfort.

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Thriving through partnerships and working together to deliver unique value to end customer.  

  • We help you create a strategy on how active energy management can be part of your future business model.
  • Win new customers or strengthen the existing relationships .
  • We will provide all the technical assistance to get things running smoothly

Our Product Themo

Themo is the first smart thermostat for floor heating system which connects with real-time prices of electricity to optimize your consumption.

Combined with our SLS cloud, Themo saves money on your electricity bill, and in the same time saves CO2 emissions. It is an eco-friendly smart home device.

Themo is to be the new innovating thermostat which enters in the era of smart buildings and aligned in the expansion of smart grids.

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